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Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree


The famous Nordmann Fir! They have become a popular choice amongst many families over the years. It’s gorgeous green foliage and soft needles make the perfect tree for your home. Nothing says traditional like the Nordmann Fir and it’s slightly weaker scent is definitely better for those who suffer from allergies, unlike most of the pine trees and it has great resistance to shedding its pine needles too.

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Each Tree comes with a single block. However we do advise placing your tree in a stand for better stability. Stands available to purchase both in store and online.

To keep your tree looking it’s best – place your fresh tree in plain water – not soil or sand which would block absorption. This is a real tree we’re talking about so water is essential to keeping it hydrated and therefore fresh and healthy! Everyday watering is a great way to keep the tree looking its best. Spraying your tree also helps!

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